Membership is open to all who are willing to respect the aims of the group and its Christian ethos.
A first visit to Fun Club is always free to enable you to meet the group and decide if you would  like to join.
If our membership numbers are very high we may have to operate a waiting list for new members. In this case priority will be given to those families who
  a) are looking for a specifically Christian group
and b) have children over the age of 4 years.
To become a member you complete a membership form which includes the declaration:
  • ” I have received a copy of the Constitution
  • I understand that my children remain my responsibility at all times at  Fun Club unless I have made a specific “in loco parentis” arrangement with another adult.
  • I will endeavour to maintain the ethos of the group, to treat adults and children in the group  with respect and to take my part in the running of the group .
   Members pay an annual subscription fee to cover the cost of the group. This is currently £40.00 per family  which can be paid in two instalments.
If you join part way through the year a reduction in subscription will be made.
We also have an “associate member” category. This has a reduced annual fee of £10. Associate members have access to the EMCHEG yahoo group, can come to social and prayer events and to the Christmas concert and Summer Sports Day. This may be appropriate for those who are unable to attend the Tuesday Fun Club meetings:
for example those whose children have outgrown Fun Club, those with very young children just contemplating Home Ed, those on the waiting list, or those who live too far from Nottingham to attend regularly.